The obligatory "explosion in Las Vegas" post

I guess we should get something up about this. Early reports were of a man being killed when a device in his backpack went off in the Luxor parking lot; new reports claim that it wasn’t a backpack and that it wasn’t even his. Apparently it was left on top of his car, and when he and a fellow employee got off work shortly after 4 a.m. and investigated, boom.


Police say the blast was not a terrorist act, but an apparent slaying with an unusual murder weapon…

There’s not much damage around the vehicle — and the hotel and casino were not evacuated.

Figure a disgruntled gambler with a grudge against the casino or maybe mafia/bookie justice for a bad debt. The unusual hour, location, and low intensity of the explosion makes it an unlikely candidate for jihad unless it’s of the freelance variety, and even then, why wouldn’t the perpetrator have walked into the casino and set it off there to maximize casualties?

MM has excellent background on terrorist interest in Vegas, though.

Update: The cops suspect the victim was the intended target.