Retired Marine colonel preaches: Killing jihadis is an act of love

I think I might finally have found the religion for me.

Ryberg, who served in the Marines for more than 27 years, gave a sermon Sunday morning at Good Shepherd Baptist Church’s Armed Forces Day, where some of the 150 people in attendance often erupted with an “Amen!”…

While he was in the Marines, Ryberg said, he was often asked, “If you’re a Christian, why do you want to go to war to kill people?” Ryberg said he wants Americans to understand that it’s an act of love to kill evil people who seek to kill Americans.

“If we do take their life, they will kill no more. It’s an act of love for our nation,” Ryberg said.

But no, on this one too I must pass. Because then he says this:

“God gaveth long before our nation was born. It’s always been on the books. And [the Bible] is the highest law of the land,” Ryberg said. “And I want to let you know our Supreme Court, they’re not supreme, only God is. And [the Bible] is the supreme law of the land, and the buck stops here.”

Exit question, via Slublog: Is this good news for believers or nonbelievers?

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