Video: McCain calls for immediate withdrawal ... from Somalia

Some anti-war group dug these up and ‘Tubed ’em. The McCain camp’s response:

“It’s intellectually dishonest to compare the situations in Haiti and Somalia to the current situation in Iraq,” said McCain spokesman Matt David. “Number one, we live in a post 9/11 world. Number two, we’re dealing with the volatility of the Middle East. And number three and most importantly, Haitians and Somalians do not want to follow us home and attack us on American soil.”

Well, actually, some of them do. But the other points are well taken. Knock McCain if you like for being short-sighted about the jihadist threat before 9/11, but there aren’t many of us who aren’t guilty on that count.

Amusing, though.

Here’s the Haiti clip, recorded a year later. It has no bearing on Iraq; I offer it simply as evidence that, until fairly recently, John McCain only owned one suit.