McCain to Murtha: "Lighten up and get a life"

Sounds … familiar. I don’t disagree with him, but St. John has already punched the “lighten up and get a life” ticket twice now. He’s got to come back with something different next time lest we conclude that this is either a campaign-approved pat answer to all accusations of “insensitivity” or that he’s simply not imaginative enough to come up with anything more clever by way of the artful putdown. Like it or not, there is a principle of diminishing returns to this sort of thing. Those of who’ve seen the Jim Carrey “I’ll see you in hell” skit from SNL know the truth.

I don’t know. Maybe he heard one of his kids say it and just thought it was super-snappy and impressive, like Rick Rossovich waxing eloquent in “Roxanne” about how “extemporaneous” the night is. Hang in there, Mac.