Rosie makes it official: "The View" now to be Truther-free; Update: Video added

I’ve got video coming from the show and of Trump reacting on Fox News, but it’ll be a little while. In the meantime, the question of the hour: who’s going to replace her? Slublog suggested Saran Sarandon but I think this is below her pay grade. Tanya suggested Shannen Doherty, but one willowy Republican babe on the show is probably all they’re budgeted for. God help me, but I think Unstable Mable might be irreplaceable.

I’m going to go put on “Plastic Ono Band” and rock back and forth while I try to pretend this isn’t happening. Thank heavens I’m on vacation next week. I need the recuperation time.

Update: Oh god, no. Please, no.

Update: Oh dear god. NO.


Update: Here’s the vid. It’s low key except for where Rosie wipes some snot or spittle or something off Barbara’s face. The good news? She’ll be guest-hosting frequently next year. Or rather, she thinks she’ll be guest-hosting frequently. I bet Barbara’s already had the name plate on her office door changed.

Her image fades but the poetry remains, my friends. Rupert Murdoch as Mr. Freeze and Rosie as Batman, punctuated by a plaintive, poignant “WTF!!!!!!!”? What dulcet sounds are these?

Update: Here’s the Trump video from Fox News this morning. It’s the standard “Rosie’s a smelly pig who’ll fail in everything she does” bit, but it’s like Chapelle doing Rick James — no matter how many times you hear it, it’s still gold.