Audio: Ayaan Hirsi Ali defends the imam who says she must be killed

From John Gibson’s radio show yesterday. Thanks to reader Emma for sending it along. Gibby wants to know what she thinks of Imam Fouad ElBayly telling an interviewer that she deserves to die for defaming Islam. Exactly right, retorts AHA; that’s what the Koran says. The man’s just following his religion. The takeaway: “This imam has been strikingly honest.”

As of this writing, ElBayly is scheduled to visit the University of Pittsburgh to talk faith with the student body. Weasel Zippers is trying to change that. Meanwhile, Reuters reports multicultural tensions have miraculously eased since Hirsi Ali’s departure from the Netherlands according to several Dutch Muslim women interviewed. You mean it was all her fault, including the murder of Theo Van Gogh? Yeah, sort of:

Hirsi Ali caused uproar by calling Islam “backward,” and by branding the prophet Mohammad a pedophile and a tyrant. However, it was the film “Submission” she wrote for Dutch television which most provoked…

“If she wanted to campaign against violence against women then she shouldn’t have written the Koran text on the body, because that was offensive to many of the religious women she claimed she was trying to help,” said Altintas.

“Her methods were such that rather than attracting Muslim women she pushed them away… She polarized things,” said 19-year-old student Suzan Yucel from Eindhoven.

The film’s director Theo van Gogh was gunned down on an Amsterdam street in 2004 by a Dutch-Moroccan, who stabbed a note to his body addressed to Hirsi Ali warning she would be next.

The Dutch watched in disbelief as their country, once prized as a liberal, multicultural model, slid into a mood of mutual hostility and tit-for-tat attacks on mosques and churches.

Never mind the gunman — if only she hadn’t made the film…

Speaking of multicultural tensions, here’s the latest in the battle of assimilation. It’s good news, but, er, isn’t the point of the headscarf to suppress feminine physical appeal and show modesty before god and man? In that case, how exactly do you incorporate it into fashion?

Update: Says John Hood of the Reuters piece:

[I]t sounds like much of the “relief” expressed in the Reuters piece has to do with fear of what Ali provoked from Dutch Muslims rather than a fundamental misunderstanding of Islam on her part. It’s essentially another example of Mark Steyn’s quod erat demonstrandum: Don’t say we’re violent, or we’ll kill you.

Update: Silly video via Sugiero — Hirsi Ali takes on Mohammad in the ultimate test of wills. No doubt this will be cited as a contributing factor the next time a Dutch Muslim shoots a filmmaker in cold blood.