Video: Reid vows not to believe Petraeus if he reports progress in Iraq

He’s willing to compromise. Unlike some Democrats, he’ll hear Petraeus out; he’ll just simply refuse to believe anything he says that doesn’t fit the left’s narrative. If that “reasoning” sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Eric Boehlert and various nutroots morons accused the right of doing during the Jamil Hussein episode. Allegedly we couldn’t accept that conditions in Iraq were dire so we concocted a sourcing scandal to explain away a dubious AP report about Shiites lighting Sunnis on fire, which, once discredited, would call into question the totality of reporting from the country. Sheer, unadulterated horseshinola, but that’s What Warbloggers Believe according to non-warbloggers Boehlert et al. Now here’s the Senate majority leader doing precisely the opposite, willfully turning a blind eye to any signs of progress, however “modest,” to protect his own quasi-religious conviction that nothing but nothing good has ever come from the war and nothing ever will. Wouldn’t be the first time the left has done that, either.

I included a bit at the beginning of the clip to show how absurd are the Clintonian semantics he’s resorted to in order to spin his recent declaration of defeat. Petraeus doesn’t believe, as Reid apparently does, that “the war is lost”; he believes that military force alone can’t win it at this point. Reid says he doesn’t grasp the distinction, but of course he does — he’s just worried about losing some of those extra Senate seats he expects to pick up from an American defeat. All other consequences be damned.

Next stop: veto of the new compromise bill that orders Bush to begin withdrawing by October 1. Please note that the clip has been edited slightly for brevity.

Update: Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports about swelling and disintegrating support for Maliki among Iraqis. Parliamentarians think he’s finished, having been unable to broker any compromises among Sunnis and Shiites, but his decision to cancel the wall in Adhamiya and the prospect of Sunni areas receiving oil revenues from the central government might be giving him a bit of new support among Sunni citizens.

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