Rasmussen: Hillary 32, Obama 32; Update: Hillary looking to Harriet Tubman for inspiration

Could be a blip. He did, after all, pull within five of her last month before fading back to 12 behind.

But if it’s a blip, it’s taking its sweet time to disappear:

3/26 37% 25%
4/02 33% 26%
4/09 34% 29%
4/16 32% 30%
4/23 32% 32%

Drudge is leading with the Times piece this morning about black pols in New York State inching away from Clinton towards the undecided column, which is simply too delicious given the implicit rebuke it holds for the nation’s first “black” president. Obama hasn’t even approached them yet, either; the groundswell seems to be motivated by a combination of identity politics and the first quarter fundraising figures proving that Barry O’s got a legitimate shot to win. The only good news for Hillary is that this may tempt Obama to spend time campaigning in NYS, which he’d probably written off as a lost cause and which probably will ultimately prove to be a lost cause. Of course, if he’s going to campaign there, she will too. And having to protect her home turf isn’t the best use of her time and energy.

Exit question one: Why not make Billy Jeff responsible for campaigning in New York? Exit question two: Whom should we be rooting for here? It’d be sweet to see Obama derail the Clinton machine, but he’s probably more electable than she is.

Update: Between this and that fleeting southern accent of hers, the only way she could pander to black voters more shamelessly is if she broke into a spiritual.

The Democratic presidential hopeful brought out the whole family for the “low-dollar” event at the West Side’s Pier 94. But Bill Clinton and their daughter, Chelsea, left the limelight to the candidate, who found herself struggling with a faulty microphone.

“This reminds me of one of my favorite American heroines, Harriet Tubman,” the senator told 1,800 cheering supporters when her mike was restored.

“She made it to freedom after having been a slave and she got to New York and she could have been so happy . . . but she kept going back down South to bring other freed slaves to freedom.

“And she used to say, ‘No matter what happens, keep going,’ ” Hillary Clinton said. “So we’re going to keep going until we take back the White House!”