Video: Waffles a Truther?

Nah, just a doofus who was put on the spot by cretins and didn’t know how to respond intelligently. Each of the Screw Loose Change guys has viewed this clip and pronounced him Truth-free. They think he’s simply confused about which wall the questioners mean: obviously they’re asking about one of the walls in WTC 7, the building they insist collapsed from a controlled demolition, but Kerry seems to think they mean the “slurry wall” located beneath the Twin Towers that keeps the Hudson River from spilling into lower Manhattan.

We pick on him enough here that I thought we’d do him a solid this time and debunk this before it gets started. Keep an eye out, though, for prominent politicians being questioned in this vein. I caught a clip of Obama being confronted by a moron seeking Truth at a rally a few weeks ago and he handled the tool’s question with aplomb. Scary to think this sort of thing is now so prevalent that you need a prepared answer for it.