Video: Mary Katharine Ham talks VTech on CNN

From yesterday’s Reliable Sources. She was on with Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine to chat about new-media coverage of the killings, starting with that cell-phone video shot outside Norris Hall while the rampage was going on and ending with evidence about Cho gleaned from sources like Facebook. Shocking omission: the fleeting national furor over wanusmaximus’s LiveJournal page, which was still being touted on Fox News hours after most in the blogosphere knew he wasn’t the suspect.

The Hammer also parts company with Hewitt et al. to say that NBC should indeed have aired the video — but only after a respectful cooling-off period. That’s a well-meaning concession to NBC’s critics, but to me the practical effect seems even crueler, letting the wound heal up a bit only to rip it back open. If you’ve got bad news to break, break it all at once.

Sorry for the bad sync here, incidentally. It’s a glitch on YouTube’s end, so it likely won’t be cured by re-uploading the clip.