Video: O'Donnell on VTech shootings -- wrong on the facts, wrong on the law

First he identifies Cho’s weapons as automatic, i.e., capable of firing repeatedly so long as the trigger is held down. Wrong: both were semi-automatics, requiring a fresh trigger pull for each shot. Then he repeats the media canard about the purported ban on “high-capacity magazines” that expired when the assault-weapons ban lapsed three years ago. Wrong again: as Bob Owens explains, the AWB merely banned the manufacture of those magazines. Sale, purchase, and ownership of inventory that was already on the market all remained perfectly legal. (According to Wikipedia, Dylan Klebold used three high-capacity magazines during the Columbine massacre, which occurred while the AWB was in effect.) In fact, irrespective of what type of weapon was used, O’Donnell’s simply wrong when he describes Cho as “spraying bullets”: survivors say he was methodical, returning to some classrooms after he had left to work his way through the aisles and pump bullets into the wounded at close range.

So misinformed is he that I’m tempted to assume it’s willful. But I’m sure it isn’t — if the left’s leadership on gun control doesn’t know what it’s talking about, why should a B-list pundit like Scary Larry? Besides, he may be an ignoramus but he emotes wonderfully. Not since his infamous appearance on Dennis Miller’s old show with the late, great Cathy Seipp have neck veins throbbed quite so righteously.

The clip has been edited slightly for brevity.