Dispelling a rumor: "wanusmaximus" isn't the VTech shooter (I think); Update: ABC News interviews wanus!

Rusty Shackleford IM’d me 20 minutes ago to ask if I’d heard the rumor about the “wanusmaximus” LiveJournal page. I had. We got a hot tip about it this afternoon at 4 p.m. and spent the next two and a half hours poring over it and debating amongst ourselves whether to write it up. Follow the link, start scrolling, and you’ll see why. Then, at around 6:30, wanus himself turned up in this thread at the Something Awful forums (which had already linked to his LJ site), posted a screencap of his SiteMeter, and joked that he sure did wish he’d had AdSense installed today. Shortly thereafter a similar post appeared at the top of the “wanuxmaximus” LJ page: again, a shot of his SiteMeter, a joke about AdSense, a message of peace to the VTech victims, and a few brief details about himself. The post was removed for unknown reasons after half an hour or so, but Michelle, Bryan, Ian, and I all saw it. This was around 7 p.m. ET, so unless someone’s hacked into wanus’s account and is messing around on his site, he’s obviously not the VTech shooter.

Nice try, though. Dude is armed to the teeth.

Update: wanus has a new post up as of 10:29 p.m. stating again that he’s not the shooter. Told you so.

Update: Apparently Geraldo Rivera is showing wanus’s Facebook page on Fox News right now. Good god.

Update: Cops have now told Geraldo that wanus has nothing to do with it.

Update: wanus gets his 15 minutes.

“It was five for five. I was Asian, I lived in (the dorm), I go to V Tech, I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I collect guns,” Chiang, who initially contacted ABC affiliate KNXV.

Three separate federal sources have told ABC News that Chiang is not a suspect or a person of interest in their investigation.