Video: "28 Weeks Later" trailer

Swiped shamelessly from Ace, who notes the obvious metaphor but doesn’t mention that the first movie, “28 Days Later,” also cast the (British) military as villain. Remember the end, after they’d beaten back the zombie hordes and decided it was time for a little gang rape to repopulate the species? That was in the fine tradition of George A. Romero himself, who made a zombie the hero opposite a psychotic captain in “Day of the Dead”, then used the climax of “Land of the Dead” to show a George W. Bush figure being consumed by a gasoline explosion with hundred-dollar bills fluttering around amid the flames. Hollywood loves the zombie/WoT allegory because zombies have no moral agency: they don’t kill because they want to, they kill because they have to, because they can’t help themselves and thus can’t be blamed for their actions in any meaningful sense. Which explains why almost all zombie flicks end with a final conflict among the human survivors.

There’s also no sense fighting them since their sheer numbers mean they always win. Of all the zombie flicks I’ve seen, the only two I can think of offhand where the zombies don’t overrun civilization are “Night of the Living Dead” and “Shaun of the Dead.” We’re bound to lose. Just accept it.

Click the image to watch.

Update: Islamists have their version of the zombie movie, too.

Update: I can’t believe I blanked on this abortion. Thanks to Treach for reminding me. That one wasn’t a traditional zombie movie insofar as the “zombies” not only had moral agency, they had absolute moral authority. I can’t critique it intelligently, though; the thought of the undead returning to life to vote just makes me giggle.