Open thread: Fireworks on the Factor with Michelle hosting? Update: Video added

The show’s starting now; comment below if you’re watching. I’m reliably informed that one guest lobs a sexist insult at Michelle — but a “good,” progressive kind of sexist insult, not a retrograde conservative one. So look out for that.

Video coming as it happens.

Update: All right, here’s the first of two clips, with talk-show host Opio Sokoni. He admits that hip-hop has a problem, then blames it on George Washington. Or something.

Update: And here’s the main event with bottom-feeding Black Panther Malik Shabazz. Don Surber says it better than I:

The guy could not take being pushed around by a woman.

He called her a prostitute.

You could almost feel the delight in her as she knew she had him. She stuck to her guns while he sputtered and locked into the name-calling mode. He is so stuck in the ’60s (although he is far too young to have lived much then) that he could not understand that women really are the equal of men and that they can think for themselves — and mature into the same conservatism that educated men become.

“Delight” is too strong a word, but insofar as Shabazz proved her point for her, there clearly was a glimmer of satisfaction. Just as there’ll be when some of the filthier denizens of the nutroots write posts congratulating him for speaking hate to power. Which they will.

MM told me she has a post in the works about tonight’s taping, so stay tuned. Painfully easy exit question: Surber says it’s time for MM to have her own show. Is he right?

Update: The boss’s post is up. Not much by way of behind-the-scenes gossip, but she does provide some context on Shabazz.