Newt calls for "urgent" measures to reduce carbon in the environment

We’ve already had one post threadjacked by forlorn conservatives expressing the Sullivanesque depths of their heart-ache over this so I figured I should toss up a post and just let you get it all out.

Most of us thought the debate today with Waffles was going to focus on whether humans are contributing to global warming. Think again.

Gingrich raised some discrepancies among the science that has led to the current data on climate change, but when asked pointedly about science doubters, like Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., Gingrich strongly held the case that climate change is a problem.

“What would you say to Sen. Inhofe and others in the Senate who are resisting even science? What’s your message to them here today?” Kerry asked.

“My message, I think is that the evidence is sufficient that we should move towards the most effective possible steps to reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere —”

“And do it urgently, now?” Kerry interrupted.

“Urgently, yes,” Gingrich said.

According to Human Events, he also conceded early on that scientific consensus overwhelmingly supports man-made global warming.

Because it’s Newt, though, even the bitter comes with some sweet:

Gingrich also said that up to now, conservatives have been slow to loathe with environmental policy because, he said, “For most of the last 30 years, the environment has a been a powerful emotional tool for bigger government and higher taxes. And therefore if you’re a conservative, if you hear these arguments, you know what’s coming next.”

Bingo. Here’s six minutes of video from CNN. The “urgency” exchange isn’t in there, but it’s worth a watch for what Gingrich has to say about luring China and India into green development. Hint: it doesn’t involve duets between Al Gore and Jon Bon Jovi. Click the image to watch.