Good news: Rudy wades into the Terri Schiavo debate

JPod warned him this morning about tripping over hot buttons. Too late, alas.

During the high profile legal battle, the Florida state legislature approved a bill to allow then-Gov. Jeb Bush to prevent Terri’s former husband Michael from taking her life.

Congress also approved, and President Bush signed, a measure allowing federal courts to review the Schindler family’s lawsuit to prevent her euthanasia death…

Giuliani told reporters he supported those attempts to prevent the painful 13-day starvation and dehydration death that ultimately killed Terri.

“I thought it was appropriate to make every effort to give her a chance to stay alive,” he said at the campaign stop.

He’s pandering to social cons, although in fairness his position here isn’t necessarily inconsistent with being pro-choice. A case can be made that Terri Schiavo’s parents were more reliable proxies for her than her husband had come to be notwithstanding the statute that gave him authority over her, and therefore legislative action to override it and assert her autonomy-by-proxy was warranted. Of course, once you play that game you open things up for pro-lifers to argue the same thing for “fetal autonomy” or what have you, which is why Rudy is always quick to remind us that abortion is a constitutional right — not only semi-sacrosanct but also invulnerable to legislative override, and thus, he always seems to imply, not even worth arguing about.

This won’t win him any fans among federalists or libertarians, but they’re not his problem right now. So as panders go, it’s a pretty sweet one.

Not that he needs it. Imus’s buddy is starting to circle the drain:


Gallup’s got a Democratic poll out today too and the Glacier, surprisingly, is still crushing Obama, even after the announcement of his fundraising numbers, and she kills him even worse so long as the Goracle stays out. Maybe she’s inevitable after all.