Video: War supporters confront Democratic congressman in office

It’s Paul Hodes, a freshman from New Hampshire who cast one of the 218 votes that pushed Pelosi’s withdrawal bill over the finish line — barely. Here’s video from Granite Grok of a few of his constituents having a word with him about that. Their points are all familiar; the novelty is watching a leftist having to sit there squiriming and respond without being able to call them a bunch of chickenhawks and storming off.

Levin and Schumer said yesterday that if Reid really thinks he and Feingold are going to answer Bush’s veto by cutting funding, he’s kidding himself. According to Schumer, “We are not going to leave the troops high and dry, plain and simple” — which is completely incoherent given the Democrats’ insistence that keeping them deployed the middle of an allegedly unwinnable war is what’s really left them “high and dry.” As always, they’re trying to have it both ways to minimize the number of voters they might alienate. Even the Onion’s fed up.

Click the image to watch.