Video: "Postal"

From Hollywood’s worst director comes yet another adaptation of a video game, the fourth of his career. The game itself appears to be an extreme rampage-y FPS in the mold of “Grand Theft Auto,” which, judging by the not-safe-for-work trailer, Boll has taken as a license to make his film as shocking as possible. I suppose he figures if he can’t please his critics, he’ll assault them. (Literally.)

Which brings us to this. The Bollbashers site got hold of it somehow; perhaps Uwe himself leaked it. More disturbing even than the fact that he’s playing it for laughs is how spectacularly realistic it is. This guy is a D-list hack and the production quality in the trailer betrays that — but not here. Most of you will know this view from photos and some of us will know it from having been to the top of the Trade Center, but it’s letter perfect. Someone spent a lot of time making the shot look as realistic as possible. The better to enhance “the joke,” I guess.

Compulsively watchable, though, as there’s no one among us who hasn’t wondered what it must have been like. Click the image to watch.