Video: Michelle talks Imus on O'Reilly

You won’t often find the boss perfectly in sync with the New York Times, but the stars have aligned for the I-man. I’m as shocked as he is by the uproar over this — not because it’s not deserved, but because it is deserved and has actually materialized, unlike the dozens of other times he’s told “jokes” like these and then beat the rap by pleading guilty to comedy. I wonder what’s different now; I bet he wonders too. Probably it’s fallout from Michael Richards, who was also ostensibly shooting for funny but ended up somewhere between creepy and vicious. Comics simply aren’t going to get the same slack on race humor after that. Imus is learning the hard way.

KP proves here she’s capable of calling for the axe when need be — but then why did she grant Unstable Mabel an 11th-hour reprieve? Just one more reason why it’d never work between us.