Video: Mary Katharine Ham defends Michelle on CNN

Karol and I and another guest had a mini-birthday party for her on Thursday night in NYC when she told us she was due to be on CNN the next day to tape a segment about harassment of female bloggers. She swore she was going to give ’em what-for about ignoring all the garbage MM has had to put up with throughout the years.

And so she did, my friends. So she did.

And to think, I figured she was just bombed on all those Whip-Its she was doing.

It ticked me off here momentarily when Kurtz read that comment about her on YouTube, but now I’m glad he did. You can’t really understand how disgusting this stuff is until you feel the embarrassment for yourself.

Update: MK elaborates.

Update: Deroy Murdock’s got a piece at NRO today about the hate mail received by the Tennessee Center for Policy Research after they exposed the fact that the Goracle basically lives in a smokestack. As usual, the threats directed at the women employees trend sexual:

“I was accused several times of being a ‘stupid, redneck bitch,’” recalls TCPR’s vice president Nicole Williams, who fielded numerous calls. “I repeatedly was called a ‘whore’ and asked ‘Whose whore are you?’ for three days straight, almost as if those were talking points… I was shocked by these sexist insults — basically attacking my gender.”

The calls continued beyond Williams’s Nashville office.