Video: Alanis covers "My Humps"

I’m a week late in posting this and probably wouldn’t have posted it at all if not for the fact that the boss mentioned this weekend how brilliant she thought it was. MM detects a critique here from the right about the absurdity and grotesqueness of some of the conventions of hip hop. I don’t see it myself; rather, I think this is the latest case of a “sensitive” white artist lampooning their own image by covering an aggressively insensitive rap or hip hop standard. The most famous examples are probably Nina Gordon’s version of “Straight Outta Compton” and Ben Folds’s take on an Eazy E song that I can’t even name on this site. (The Obadiah Parker cover of “Hey Ya” doesn’t count because it’s heartfelt.) I feel obliged to provide links, but the lyrics to both are corrosively profane. Bearing in mind, then, your official strong content warning, you’ll find Gordon’s song here and Folds’s here.

And here’s Alanis, preceded by the BEP original for comparison. Both of them are unwatchable/unlistenable after about 30 seconds.

Update: John from Verum Serum says there’s certainly a comment here about objectification. Fair enough; I’ll grant the boss that, although in Alanis’s case I suspect it’s a feminist critique, not a socially conservative one. Which isn’t to say the two are mutually exclusive, just that they usually are.

Exit question: Is this really just traditional feminism snarking on sex-positive feminism?

Update: Actually, Alanis has always been rather sex-positive. So, revised exit question: Is this really just sex-positive feminism snarking on corruption of same?