Video: Col. Ralph Peters calls for court-martial of British sailors' officers; Update: Video -- sailors party on Iranian TV after Ahmadinejad issues pardon

Or “court marshal,” as the crack Fox copy editors have it. I like the “Honorable Service?” chyron, too. A textbook example of the Cavuto Mark!

Between this and the Jack Jacobs clip, it looks like the backlash among U.S. military men is on. I wonder if British media will pick it up and make it an issue. The wound to national pride inflicted by Iran must cut deep, but it’s always safer to lash out at Americans. A little displaced anger at Peters and co. would be just what the doctor ordered.

Ever seen Peters’s hypothetical redrawn map of the Middle East, by the way? The Turks, Saudis, Iranians, and Pakistanis love it.

Update: Charming.

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