Video: Petraeus defends McCain from media sniping over Baghdad stroll

In fairness, it wasn’t just the media that was unimpressed with his trip to the market (although some media types have distinguished themselves by their churlishness in expressing how unimpressed they were). Nor did the market tour prove Wolf Blitzer wrong when he claimed that outside the Green Zone “you’re in trouble if you’re an American.”

What it did prove is that, 40 years later, McCain is still willing to put himself at personal risk to help the American war effort. We dump on him a lot here for vacillating politically, but one thing that has remained admirably constant is his courage. Max Boot describes the scene during the walkabout; read him before you watch Petraeus. Thanks to InstaGlenn for the tips.

Update: Looks like PBS just had the video pulled at YouTube. No matter. They’ve posted a transcript; the McCain section starts a little more than halfway down the page.