Report: New Osama video coming?

One of the Freepers somehow got wind of this last night when it was posted in Arabic on a jihadist message board. I ignored it — but now Centcom’s picked it up.

Nothing about it at SITE or Laura Mansfield‘s blog, though.

Sounds pretty recent if the details are true. Exit question: Will it include a threat against the Dalai Lama?

Update: I wonder if he’ll mention this, too. Assuming the story didn’t break too late, after the film was already in the can.

Update: It makes sense, I guess, that he’d do this now with AQ in Iraq currently at war with (a) the U.S. military, (b) the Iraqi army, (c) the entire Shiite population of Iraq, including the militias, (d) virtually the entire Sunni population of Anbar, and (e) some Sunni insurgent groups. Operations in Diyala, where AQ is suspected of hiding out at the moment, are set to begin soon too. Osama needs reinforcements and popular support badly, enough perhaps that he feels force to send up the jihad signal. It’ll be interesting to see what effect, if any, this has on the negotiations in Congress over the timetable.

Update: Maybe it’s a bust?

Laura Mansfield tells me that the original post was at, which isn’t the usual place where as-Sahab makes their announcements. Could this really be a Zawahiri tape coming out?