Lethally adorable baby polar bear lookin' for love

He’s world famous, physically irresistible, and not getting any younger.

Strike while the iron is hot, my friend.

They’re fixing him up with an older woman, too. Hot.

While he is a bit young yet to be thinking about the birds and the bees, the search is on for a suitable girlfriend for Knut. Indeed, zoos from around the world have reportedly expressed interest in having little polar bear girls get to know Berlin’s little polar bear boy.

Most recently, the zoo in the western German city of Gelsenkirchen on Wednesday made it known that it would be interested in having Knut meet two-year-old polar bear Lara. “In theory,” a spokeswoman for the Gelsenkirchen zoo told the news agency ddp on Wednesday, “he could already come here when he turns one.”

While Lara might be ready to reproduce as early as 2009, Knut most likely won’t begin showing interest in mating until he’s four. But introducing them as early as possible increases the likelihood of a Knut Jr. And because Lara’s enclosure was designed with a romantic couple in mind — indeed she had a boyfriend named Strupo but he died just before Christmas [Heart-ache. — ed.] — it would make sense for Knut to eventually move in with her rather than the other way around.

I can’t believe this isn’t a Disney movie yet. Right now, somewhere in California, a guy from Pixar is furiously googling “Knut” for ideas.

Can our readers sustain one more toxic blast of cuteness right in the face? I think you can. There’s video at the Spiegel link in the sidebar — but take heed. You will, at some point during the clip, encounter this image:


I trust you’ll comport yourself with the proper dignity.