Video: Newt apologizes for "ghetto" comment in Spanish

Kid from Brooklyn sends this along with the subject heading, “Hispandermania!” Which I believe is a Kaus coinage, is it not? Either way, it’s simply delightful.

Newt’s right to apologize for his comment, which he’s been trying to spin since it escaped his lips. (The Chicago Tribune has video.) The fact that he’s doing it in Spanish, though, is too funny considering that the “ghetto” remark was in the context of a speech opposing bilingual education. He’s willing to take a stand on English-only — but not when his own political future’s in jeopardy.

Needless to say, his Spanish reeks, although in his defense he does say he’s still learning. I do like the hand-over-heart gesture near the end, too. Just shows you how much he’s pained by this.