Breaking: Obama raises $25M in first quarter; Update: Poll -- Hillary running third in Iowa

Just one thin mil behind the Glacier, whose fundraising machine is the envy of the world and whose nomination was, of course, supposed to be inevitable. Reminds me of the scene in “The Untouchables” where they find the accountant in the elevator. Touchable.

I suspect she’ll bringing out the big gun pretty soon. So to speak.


Update: 100,000 donors. The AP calls it, rightly, “eye-popping.”

Update: For comparison, Ryan Sager says Hillary has but 50,000 donors. Big-money donors, to be sure, but stll. He also thinks Obama might well have earned more than Hillary in terms of primary money (the overall figures reflect primary plus general).

Update: Edwards has put a lot of work into winning Iowa so that he can get out of the gate fast when primary season starts, so there’s no surprise that he’s leading the field in the Strategic Vision poll. The surprise is who’s second: Obama, at 20%. The Glacier is right behind him at 19%.