Video: Bush criticizes Pelosi over meeting with Assad

In response to a question from notorious left-wing shill Jennifer Loven, who currently holds the record for the quickest hit piece published after a State of the Union address and who was last seen in these parts drawing incredulous looks from Hamid Karzai for her moronic questions about terrorism. Here she wanted to know what the biggie is about someone from a branch that’s not constitutionally empowered to conduct foreign policy traipsing off to conduct foreign policy. Bush neglected to make that point, which is probably for the best for various reasons, and instead ticked off a list of reasons as to why the meeting’s such a bad idea. Including one I forgot when I wrote about it the other day: namely, that it never works.

Reiterating the press’s one-way position on separation of powers, David Gregory asked Bush later why he’d want to veto an Iraq spending bill with a built-in timetable. After all, hadn’t the American people elected the Democrats to conduct foreign policy? Have a banana, chimp-face.