Pelosi in Damascus

Drudge has his faults, but it’s kind of awesome that he’s leading with this photo right now. The campaign commercial practically writes itself.

Ah well. A woman must know her place when entering a mosque.


In fairness to Nancy, she did make a rather bold gesture while inside. And had she opted against the headscarf, CAIR would have just photoshopped one onto her anyway.

Can’t resist:

In the midst of several questions about the role of women in an Islamic society, Fallaci charged that the chador was symbolic of the segregation into which women have been cast by the revolution. “They have to take a dip apart in their chadors,” she said. “By the way how do you swim in a chador?” “Our customs are none of your business,” Khomeini answered. “If you do not like Islamic dress, you’re not obliged to wear it because Islamic dress is for good and proper young women.”

“That’s very kind of you,” said Fallaci. And since you said so, I’m going to take off this stupid, medieval rag right now.” When she did so, recounts Fallaci, Khomeini got up “like a young cat” and left the room without saying a word. Khomeini, however, agreed to see her again the next day.

Expect some sniping from the nutroots at the right (mainly at LGF, I suspect) for posting this photo, which mocks the easy coexistence of feminism and multiculturalism in the progressive belief system. It pains the left too, I’m sure, to see the most powerful woman in America having to yield, however slightly, to a misogynistic culture’s expectations, but they can’t vent their anger at the people responsible so they’ll vent it at Charles or me or whomever instead. Good people. I like ’em a lot.