AFP: "One reporter giggled at the back" during McCain press conference

Anyone know any reporters who were seated in the back during McCain’s press conference?

Big score here for Bob Owens and a bigger score for Drudge if it pans out. FYI, the line quoted by AFP that allegedly elicited the giggling was “I studied warfare. I’m a student of history. If you control the capital city of a nation you have a significant advantage.” You can see McCain deliver that line in the second video hosted at Raw Story starting at around 3:30. There’s no audible giggling and he doesn’t appear distracted — but at 4:07, right after he says “But the American people are not getting the full picture,” there is some noise off camera. Sounds like a cough, maybe it’s something else. No one’s going to be able to prove this without further corroboration from the reporters who were there, though.

If Drudge isn’t already working on that, he should be.