Video: Michelle clashes with O'Reilly over Rosie

Only Papa Bear could wring disagreement out of a subject like this. He insists that Bertha can’t be controlled, and therefore Barbara Walters is completely blameless in (a) salvaging her career, (b) giving her a broadcast network megaphone with which to call for select Truther-themed googlings, and (c) sprinkling her with whatever’s left in Barbara’s bag of magic credibility dust. The boss and KP helpfully try to inform him that that’s insane, but there’s no reaching him. And so Barbara fiddles while Rosie burns. Or eats. Whatever.

Despite my pleading, KP did not in fact call for Rosie to be canned tonight, but she did recommend gifting her with a one-way ticket to Iran. And with that, she reclaims my eternal devotion from Chesty McTalkingPoints.

I forget what was being talked about here but it was worth a screencap. I think maybe Bill was telling her Rosie’s theory of what happened to WTC7.