Video: Hamas TV glorifies child jihadis

Here’s the latest excrescence from Al-Aqsa Television, better known as Hamas TV. This is no local station, according to the Telegraph: they transmit region-wide thanks in part to plentiful funds from mysterious sources smuggled in via suitcase across the Egyptian border with Gaza. Remember that the next time you hear a sob story about Palestinians starving from a lack of humanitarian aid. A taste of the programming:

Mr Shtaiwi insists that it broadcasts a range of opinions – the new Palestinian Authority information minister Mustafa Barghouti, a politician from the secular Third Way movement is a frequent guest. But programmes also include strident religious lessons from bearded sheikhs in red keffiyah scarves, advice from headscarved women on dealing with polygamy, newscasts that refer to “Zionist aggression” and commercials that entreat viewers to resist Israeli occupation, using shots of masked men with guns and Qassam rockets.

They were also responsible naturally enough for that child-bomber PSA we posted a few weeks ago. The Telegraph claims they’re gaining ground in the ratings war with Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, too, so look for those two to jihad-up their programming even further to compete. Click the image to watch.