Hey, how awesome would America have been if the Goracle won in 2000?

Indescribably paradisaically awesome. How awesome?

December 15, 2004: In exchange for his aid in rooting out Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and his sons Uday and Qusay are encouraged by Gore and by former Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter to work out a plan for Iraq’s transition to a secular democracy after Hussein’s death, with Hussein and his sons in pivotal roles on the democracy commission. American conservatives immediately decry this as “appeasement”, whereas Iraq-based observers congratulate Gore, Clinton and Carter for working on a plan to stave off the horrifically bloody civil war that would likely follow Saddam’s death or removal from power.

No 9/11 either. Of course.

The post is at Firedoglake but the link goes to Moran, who’s practically speechless at the thought of Saddam on “the democracy commission.” Meanwhile, here’s an article about a visit to the United States by Jalal Talabani’s son, who asked America to maybe give him and his people a heads up this time before we run away.