Video: Michelle versus HuffPo editor on O'Reilly

Wasn’t much of a debate, I’m afraid: O’R did most of the talking, Sekoff ended up agreeing that bloggers should note when they’ve substantially redacted a post after it’s been published (as Charles Karel Bouley has now done, although he hadn’t originally), and the rest devolved into yet another round of “when is it fair to judge a blog by its commenters?” The sage of Puppetland took it upon himself to draw up some guidelines a few weeks ago, but unfortunately for Sekoff they do not redound to HuffPo’s advantage.

My own rule of thumb in this area is to go by word of mouth. The only two sites on the left whose stench wafts consistently over the fence into our yard are HuffPo and dKos, although whether that’s because they’re unusually rotten or because they’re the biggest blogs in America and thus produce more garbage along with more of everything else, I’m not sure. Anyway, not a particularly interesting subject but it sounds like O’R wants to have another go of it on Monday, so look forward to that.