Video: Goracle compares environmentalism to the civil rights movement; Update: Gore the favorite for Nobel?

In Norway, with the chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize committee in the audience. Public debate over the left’s pet causes always devolves into their opponents being cast as racist somehow; this is the Gorebot’s clumsy lurch in that direction, coopting a movement where the opposition really was racist to make the moral authority of his own agenda a bit more absolute by association. CAIR does the same thing in labeling critics of Islam “Islamophobes.”

That’s not what you’re watching for, though. You’re watching for the end, where the Gorebot lowers his voice and tries to slip the surly bonds of robotdom by achieving a poignant, human moment. With predictably comic results. Click the image to watch.


Thanks to Sugiero for the link. The good news for Gore? He’s no longer America’s biggest environmental hypocrite. Click for the photo alone.

Update: is another Democrat actually going to bag a Nobel five years after Carter?

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore won praise on Thursday from a man with the power to change lives — the head of the Nobel Peace Prize committee — after a speech urging more action to fight global warming.

“A very important message,” Ole Danbolt Mjoes told Reuters after hearing Gore, a nominee for the prestigious award, say the planet was under threat from a build-up of greenhouse gases caused mainly by burning fossil fuels.

Mjoes, who joined in a minute-long standing ovation for Gore, said he was attending as a private citizen and not sizing up a candidate on behalf of the secretive five-member committee. He sat near the back in an audience of about 400…

“I have Gore as a clear favorite,” said Stein Toennesson, head of the International Peace Research Institute in Oslo. “I think the committee will be unable to resist the temptation to add their voice” to concerns about global warming, he said.