Nutroots heartbreak: Fox News to co-sponsor Dems' primary debate in Detroit

With the Congressional Black Caucus on September 23rd. Does Silky Pony dare turn his back on an event with the CBC’s imprimatur of “absolute moral authority”? I suspect he dareth not.

This deal’s actually been in the works for weeks, which means the CBC had to weather the usual storm of Pretty Vicious Rants and Important Action Alerts. The fact that they blew the little creeps off is a testament either to their political courage, the left-wing blogosphere’s relatively negligible influence, or a tacit understanding between the two that no matter how fightin’ the fightin’ nutroots may be, they’re not going to jeopardize their progressive bona fides by tangling with a coalition of black legislators. There may be some threats and blowback for this, but I guarantee you it won’t come from the usual precincts of Kosistan.

Update: Fox just published the results of its latest opinion poll. Heh.