Heart-ache: Fake dog poo drives wedge between English, Scots

The Euro-drift towards criminalization of all things offensive continues apace! First they came for the fake dog shinola, and I did nothing…

A Scottish company has been slammed for inviting customers to “send a poo” to an Englishman on St George’s Day.

Edinburgh-based firm PostaPoo.com is selling plastic “realistic poo” to send to “your favourite (or least favourite) Englishman” to mark April 23.

Customers are given the choice between human or dog-style excrement, wrapped in tissue paper along with a personal message set beside the English flag.

But members of the English Democrats Party, which is campaigning for an English Parliament, questioned the stunt’s legality.

Robin Tilbrook, the [English Democrats Party’s] national chairman, said: “The company’s website says they will not send this so-called ‘practical joke’ if the message is deemed threatening, racist, homophobic, or displays religious bigotry.

“It appears to me to be threatening, possibly racist and without question bigoted. It’s certainly offensive and possibly an offence.”

The site is down but the Sun has a screencap, in case you want to sample their product offerings.

Exit question: Wouldn’t more prank-playing help reduce political tensions? Imagine if, every now and then, Pelosi slipped a whoopee cushion on Bush’s chair.

Imagine it.