Fox News poll: Pretty much no one reads blogs regularly

A higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats read dKos daily have read dKos? Can that be right?


The Kossacks will whine that Fox rigged the sample. It’s actually weighted 43/35 in favor of Democrats (which arguably undercounts Dems given how wide the margin is right now in terms of party identification), but even with a bigger Democratic base to draw from, that 4% still breaks out to a smaller number of actual readers than 7% of Republicans. Which simply can’t be right. To be sure, there’s a robust contingent of conservative Kos-watchers (led by Dean Barnett), but no way do they outnumber the Kossacks.

The overall numbers are garbage, too. Does anyone believe that 9% of Republicans are reading blogs every day? Barnett guesstimated a few weeks ago that there are 300,000 or so conservative American blog readers — total. Even that number sounds high, but let’s say he’s right for the sake of argument. 62 million people voted for Bush in 2004. Even if you discount 85% of them as having neither the time nor the interest to follow politics regularly, that still leaves you north of 9 million who do. Nine percent of that is 810,000. Either Dean’s way off or the poll’s way off. Or I’m way off in thinking even 15% of Republicans are all that engaged. Exit question: Which is it?

Update: Whoops. I conflated the two questions re: dKos. The analysis still holds, but I changed the wording of the first sentence.