Video: Jane Fleming compliments Bush on his huge balls

What we have here, my friends, is known as a double standard. A double standard which shall not stand.

But first let’s meet the players. Hannity, looking spiffy yet rumpled in a power suit:


Colmesy, never more dapper than in formalwear and appropriately flaccid bowtie:


Rick Santorum, statesmanlike in senatorial business attire:


And Sweet Jane, the big A’s new fave, workin’ it classy-like … in sweater and blue jeans:


The stage is now set for what will surely come to be known as “The Betrayal.”

The O’Reilly Factor, November 13, 2006:

And Hannity & Colmes, tonight:


Exit question: What’s our next move? Demand a formal apology? Insist that the boss appear only on live shows henceforth so that she too can drop the B-bomb with impunity? How about Fleming sends us a special autographed copy of “Cookin’ with Jane” and we call it even?