Life-sized, anatomically correct, milk-chocolate Jesus debuts

Considering most modern artists prefer to work in scat, we should probably be grateful here for small favors.

It’s 480,000 calories. But is it art?

Just in time for Easter, the high-calorie Heavenly Father will exhibit on April 1st at The Lab gallery at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York. Creative Director Matt Semler says, ”The sign of any great artist is how their work affects the observer.” Looking at the Lord, viewers may be moved to muse about their own mortality: Death by chocolate? Hypertension? Or atherosclerosis? Perhaps Cavallaro’s intention is to warn the overzealous that when it comes to faith or food — be it Christ or Cadbury — indulgence should be avoided at all costs. Or maybe it’s simply for shock value — he wants us to stand there and salivate while suppressing the temptation to nibble on Christ’s toes.

Presumably it’s a comment on transubstantiation. Or an excuse to fashion a schwanz out of chocolate. Art is many things to many people.

You know who I bet will have something to say about this before long, both because he has a track record in this area and because he desperately needs to boost his official James Dobson “Good Christian” religio-quotient?