Inhofe vows to stop Goracle from using Capitol for Live Earth concert

They could have done this anywhere in America but the Gorebot evidently wants an imprimatur of American sovereignty on him and his pet cause. Even as the organizers assert that there’s nothing political at all, no sir, about the event.

Here’s hoping Inhofe gets it moved, if only to spare us the national trauma of the Dome appearaing as a backdrop in a Bon Jovi set.

Inhofe’s parliamentary powers can block indefinitely the resolution that would permit Gore to choose the capitol’s West Front for the U.S. leg of his seven-continent Live Earth concert tour — a collaboration between Gore and promoter Kevin Wall, who masterminded previous blockbuster charity concerts Live Aid and Live 8.

“There has never been a partisan political event at the Capitol, and this is a partisan political event,” Inhofe said yesterday…

Inhofe appeared to see little room for an accommodation that could allow the concert to go forward. “There’s no compromise. Either we change the rules or we don’t.”

Inhofe added that other members share his concerns, including unnamed Democrats as well as Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah), ranking member of the Rules Committee, which has jurisdiction over the concert resolution…

Chad Griffin, an adviser to Live Earth, was taken aback by Inhofe’s objections to using the Capitol to promote environmental health. The West Front was used to inaugurate Earth Day in a 1990 event, for which Gore, a former senator, sponsored the authorizing resolution.

“This is a totally non-partisan event,” Griffin said, noting that Reid cosponsored the concert resolution with Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine).

Actually, this is a partisan issue at the moment notwithstanding the involvement of centrist Republicans. But laying aside that fact, does this moron sincerely not grasp that making Manbearpig the face of the movement, given the unusual shrillness with which he’s attacked the administration and the treacherous depths to which he’s sunk to do so, makes it ipso facto polarizing? Not to mention that people are trying to draft him for president, which means the concert will also double as a campaign appearance? Not to mention the sheer visceral annoyance in Gore once again trying to marry his political pretensions to the entertainment industry, this time by coopting the Capitol for something as self-consciously cheesy and undignified as a rock concert?

In fairness to Gore, though, it’s a Republican who provided the dumbest quote on this:

Snowe, a longtime supporter of carbon emissions curbs who co-chairs an international climate-change group, said yesterday that she was surprised the concert idea had become controversial among her colleagues. She expressed hope that concert organizers would not be forced to move the U.S. performance out of Washington if the Capitol proves impossible.

“That would certainly provide an unfortunate message on behalf of the U.S., that somehow we’re languishing in our desire to combat the problem,” Snowe said. “We should be a leader in this endeavor.”

We’ve neglected our obligation to reduce global warming if Al Gore doesn’t get to rock D.C.? What?