Video: CNN reporter unloads on McCain for saying parts of Baghdad are safe

The last time we saw Michael Ware he was tearing into the Democrats for setting an arbitrary timetable for withdrawal. This time it’s McCain’s turn for letting his enthusiasm for the surge carry him off into “Neverland.” I follow news from Iraq fairly closely and the nearest I’ve come in my reading to a neighborhood where the residents feel safe is this. Which is great news until you consider to whom and what they owe their safety.

I think both sides are well advised to avoid pronouncing on how the surge is going until we have a better idea of Sadr’s place in it. If the current quiet (which wasn’t so quiet today) is only at his sufferance, it’s a fleeting peace. If Roggio is right and we’re working on splitting a bunch of his men off in a ceasefire, it’s more substantial. Time will tell.

Until then, hope you like your humor black.