Pew poll: America trending Democratic, secular

I don’t have much to say as the graphs and charts are self-explanatory, but Pew’s got a thumbnail analysis up and, for the hardcore poll junkies, a 122-page PDF extravaganza with crosstabs galore. A few highlights, starting with Iraq blowback blowing us all the way back past 9/11 to 1994:


Actually, past 1994, too:


And here’s the GOP’s Iraq dividend. I can’t find the link in our archives, but last year the New York Times had a similar graph tracking the trend among young voters specifically. It was at least as sharply blue as this one, maybe more.


Eh, it’ll swing back. It did after Watergate, too. It just took seven years to get there.

Here’s a special Bush windfall. Don’t accuse him of never having done anything to encourage small government:


And now the two fun ones. Not only are we looking more like Europe militarily and politically, but culturally, too!



The last graph tracks people who answered yes to all three of the following questions:

1. Prayer is an important part of my daily life.
2. We will all be called before God at the Judgment Day to answer for our sins.
3. I never doubt the existence of God.

The drop-off among Democrats in only four years is astounding. I wonder which of the three questions they’re getting hung up on.

Perhaps I’ll ask someone in a position to know.