Breaking: White House says Tony Snow's cancer has recurred; Update: Bush video added

And that it’s spread to his liver, according to Fox. Damn it. Standby.

Update: Here’s the AP article. No other details yet.

Update: Even the DUers are sympathetic.

Update: Prognosis: good.

Snow will go after the cancer as aggressively as he can, and he’s going to beat it again, Perino said, describing his attitude.

Blood tests and a PET imaging scan had come back negative for cancer.

There are a lot of effective therapies to treat liver cancer that has spread from colon cancer, said FOX News’ Dr. Manny Alvarez.

“It’s small enough that he should go into remission again after adequate treatment,” Alvarez said.

Update: They first spotted the growth six months ago.

Snow undergoes regular tests, including a PET imaging scan to help doctors see how organs and tissues are functioning, magnetic resonance imaging tests, and CAT scans to generate cross-sectional views and, if needed, three-dimensional images.

These scans revealed the growth in September. Though it has grown in size since, blood tests and further PET scans have not indicated a return of his cancer. He said it could merely be biopsied to see if it is cancerous, and then periodically checked afterward if not, but that he would rather just have it out.

He’s still got his sense of humor, at least: “Perino said Snow also gave her some instructions to pass on to reporters: ‘Tell them not to bug me.’ He also thanked reporters and others for the outpouring of good wishes he has received.”

Update: Here’s the president’s statement.