Video: Rosie blows the lid off the British sailor hostage crisis

Nice catch by the ‘Busters here. Western intel agents tell the Blotter that the kidnapping was indeed retaliation for the American raid in Irbil that netted five big Quds Force fish in January and that Iran may be angling for a swap; Iran denies it. Iraq’s foreign minister supports the British claim that the sailors were in Iraqi waters at the time and has issued a statement attesting to that fact; Iran’s FM insists they were in Iranian waters and claims to have provided GPS coordinates to the British to prove it.

All smoke and mirrors, says our Ro. She knows where the boat was and she knows who’s behind this and it has nothing to do with the Iranian government, even though they, er, admit to having the sailors in their custody. Which brings us to what is, I believe, a milestone for “The View” — the first time she’s engaged openly on the air (but not off it) in conspiracy theorizing.

Here, I’ll save you the trouble.

Exit question: Is it time for Unstable Mabel to go?