Reporter poses as war supporter, infiltrates Portland protest

That Portland rally’s turned out to be one of the choicest cows on the news farm. Just one red-meat cutlet after another.

[I]n a town that claims to believe in free speech, WW wanted to see what happens to those who don’t parrot the popular line.

What followed was an hour and a half of ridicule, threats and condescension—peppered by a few high-fives from antiwar marchers for “having balls.”…

The most common suggestion was to enlist in the military and go fight the war. Dozens of protesters branded me a “chicken hawk,” as did a local blogger who posted photos after the rally.

But some also clearly relished the opportunity to engage the enemy. Lines formed of people waiting to get a piece. They questioned U.S. foreign policy and my morality like they were talking to a stubborn schoolkid. They suggested I “do some reading.”

“A lot of people are brainwashed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and he’s one of them,” Peter Wylie, a 59-year-old photographer, told WW intern Nicholas Deshais, who followed me as a reporter to help with chronicling what happened.

Others were more welcoming, shaking hands and thanking me for showing up.

Update: Good lord.