Palestinian woman caught at crossing with crocodiles strapped to chest

I know what you’re thinking and no, they haven’t quite reached that level of depravity yet. It’s believed she was smuggling them in for a zoo. Who knows, though? Maybe they’ll trot them out for Hamas rallies. Get a few Israeli seabirds, slap some green headbands on the crocs, and you’ve got dynamite sacrificial rite.

“The woman looked strangely fat. Even though she was veiled and covered, even with so many clothes on there was something strange,” Telleria said.

The incident, which took place on Thursday, sparked panic at the crossing.

“The policewoman screamed and ran out of the room, and then women began screaming and panicking when they heard,” Telleria said. But when the hysteria died down, she said, ” everybody was admiring a woman who is able to tie crocodiles to her body.”

The new schmuck in charge of the UN was in Gaza yesterday shedding, um, crocodile tears over the separation fence that’s causing such hardship by keeping degenerate killers out of Israel. The New York Times would have you believe that Palestinians are slowly but surely abandoning the right of return (which isn’t at all clear from their own article), and while that may be true to some extent in other countries, in Gaza the dream appears to be alive and well:

He went on to the roof of a UN-run girls’ school in the camp to take a look at the barrier, which in some sections, including the one near Aida, is made up of towering cement blocks. “No wall will stop us,” read a piece of graffiti in English…

Mr Ban said it was “a very sad and tragic thing to see many suffering from the construction of this wall, depriving opportunities for basic living”…

People living near the girls’ school unfurled banners from their balconies, to remind him of the plight of the Palestinian refugees. “UN bodies and agencies should enable Palestinian refugees to exercise their right of return,” read one sign in English, referring to people’s demands to return to homes in what is now Israel.

Hamas is preparing just in case.