House Republicans introduce bill to protect passengers from flying imams' lawsuit

Did anyone not see this coming? This is why I never understood the hand-wringing about CAIR allegedly trying to exploit the flying imams to help Democrats get their anti-profiling bill passed. If anything, it’s the GOP that’s going to use the imams and their quirky little air-travel habits to get the bill killed. The latest shinola about suing the passengers for reporting suspicious activity is just hot fudge on the sundae.

House Republicans are pushing legislation to protect airline passengers from lawsuits for reporting suspicious behavior that might be linked to a terrorist attack.

[New Mexico Rep. Stevan] Pearce has 10 Republican co-sponsors for his bill, including: Rob Bishop of Utah, Dan Burton of Indiana, Geoff Davis of Kentucky, Trent Franks of Arizona, John Kline of Minnesota, Thaddeus G. McCotter of Michigan, Howard McKeon of California, Bill Shuster of Pennsylvania, Lynn A. Westmoreland of Georgia and Frank R. Wolf of Virginia…

A public interest law firm that fights against religious discrimination publicly condemned the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) yesterday for supporting a case it calls “legal terrorism” and said it will file a brief with the court on behalf of the passengers.

“This is a first for us,” Kevin Hasson, president of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, wrote in a letter to Nihad Awad, president of CAIR. “We have never opposed someone else’s claim for religious discrimination.

Hasson (who served in the DOJ under Reagan) has put the PDF of his letter online. Your quote of the day: “In short, we know religious liberty. Religious liberty is a client of ours. And this claim is not about religious liberty.” If you support profiling and are the praying sort, pray that CAIR and the imams ignore him and pursue the suit anyway. They very well might — CAIR is always looking to maximize its victimization, and a conservative firestorm over the suit would be even better for them in that regard than suing and winning on the discrimination claim.

Incidentally, Powerline had the scoop about Pearce’s bill yesterday, a day before WashTimes had it. Audrey Hudson, the Times’s reporter on this beat, also credited Powerline by name for information in her last article about it. Funny to see a blog feeding a fairly major paper on a story.