Breaking: House passes Iraq timetable; Update: Bush rips Dems over bill; Update: Video added

Pelosi got it done.

To help get reluctant lawmakers on board, Democrats added “sweeteners” to the $124 billion emergency supplemental spending bill.

The legislation includes some $21 billion to pay for items not in Bush’s original request to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including $25 million to bail out spinach growers in California hurt by last year’s E. coli outbreak…

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called for Congress to pass the bill quickly, or the military would be forced to take severe stopgap measures because of a lack of funding.

No one’s enthusiastic about the bill and it’ll die in the Senate or on Bush’s desk, but at least she succeeded in asserting her authority. That’s the only thing that was accomplished here, not counting the fingerpointing that’ll start once the bill fails and both parties blame each other for not funding the troops.

While we wait for the roll, here’s an attack ad produced by the office of GOP Deputy Whip Eric Cantor that’s making the rounds. Eh.

Update: Here’s the roll. At a glance, I count only two Republicans — Wayne Gilchrest and Walter Jones — in the majority. Most of the Democrats who voted no, most notably Maxine Waters and Lynn Woolsey, did so because they’re stridently anti-war, not Blue Dogs.

Update: Ah, here we go. Gateway Pundit lists all the legislative bribes that had to be made to get a majority to vote Pelosi’s way.

Update: Bush is laying into the Dems at a press conference as I write this and, I might add, doing a hell of a job at it. We’ll have video shortly.

Update (Ian): I can’t remember the last time Bush said something that got me excited (and Allah too!):

Update (Ian): Video: Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX) lectures Murtha on what it means to be a marine.