Atomic cuteness bomb explodes over Germany; mass cases of "the snuggles" reported

He debuted today at the Berlin Zoo as a bona fide ursine rock star thanks to the greens’ attempt to put him on ice. Cocklewarming:

“Knut is incredibly cute,” nine-year-old Christopher told SPIEGEL ONLINE, “I particularly like his white fur because it’s so fluffy.” His friend Selen, also aged nine, agreed and added: “But his face is really cute, too!” Selen was so taken by Knut that she even bought one of the Knut teddy bears which were on sale at the zoo.

But will they still love cute Knut as much when he’s older? “To be honest, I don’t think so,” Selen said, “but I’ll forever remember him for the way he is now.”

Women. Germany’s “Environment Minister” was there too, having purchased a full set of political-pandering offsets in advance:

Gabriel called Knut a political symbol in the climate change debate: “Hardly any animal symbolizes the consequences of climate change as clearly as the polar bear,” he said. “No ice, no polar bear.”

30+ photos at the link plus video below of the blast. I recommend protective lenswear while viewing; the flash of cuddliness is brighter than the sun. Click the image to watch.